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Bourbon Royalty

Royal Wash 32oz Laundry Detergent

Royal Wash 32oz Laundry Detergent

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Our formula beautifies colors and whitens whites while removing tough dirt and leaving your garments smelling royal.

  • Available in 4 fragrances:  Evangeline, Orleans Tea, Queen of Bourbon, Zydeco Amber
  • Approximately 10 Washes
  • Designed for HE machines
  • Does not contain chlorine, phosphates, or dyes. 


Evangeline: Known as the bearer of good news, experience this rare and exotic floral fragrance with hints of chocolate.

Orleans Tea: Take a stroll down Chartres Street, where you may encounter a French Creole tea chest with hints of ginger, white tea and lemon. 

Queen of Bourbon: Experience the lavish Bourbon Street with a local favorite drink that marries the bite of rum with the sweetness of cherries, oranges and other fruits.

Zydeco Amber: Like music to your ears, your nose will tingle with aromas of deep musk, amber, and sandalwood with hints or cedar and sage. 

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