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Finished Goods Pretzel Bites

Finished Goods Pretzel Bites

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Sugar + Spice: Meet your snacking BFF.  Perfectly sweet and salty and just right to satisfy any craving! We start with broken sourdough pretzels and add our special blend of sugar and spices for a truly delectable treat. We’ll refrain from using the word “addicted”, but you’ll definitely want to enjoy (and share) these pretzels on the reg. Pro-tip: Dunk a few in your coffee or sprinkle on top of ice cream.  Don't just take our word for it, try them out and become a part of the pretzel addiction (oops, we said it). Don't forget to share your new fave snack with your loved ones!

Orange + Ginger: Indulge in the elevated creamsicle sensation of our Orange + Ginger Pretzel Bites! Tangy orange and creamy notes intertwine with a subtle hint of ginger to coat our hearty sourdough bites. Enjoy a burst of citrus flavor and satisfying crunch in each deliciously addictive bite. A unique flavor experience!

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